Monday, March 19, 2007

Macro Fun

Reader Jon sent in an article of his where he talks about how to use a macro application to wreak some havoc on fellow coworkers. That article can be found right here.

He doesn't go into many specifics, but the program he talks about basically allows you to setup various applications to run when certain conditions are met (such as a key being press or a mouse click). So basically, once you get the application on your victim's computer, you'll be able to setup whatever kind of craziness you want.

For instance:

  • You could have it open some NSFW websites.
  • Like Jon mentions in the article, you could just have it open an incredibly large amount of programs - forcing your coworker to find a way to close them all.
  • You could get the application to run some embarassing sounds when certain words are typed.
  • Make the macro application add funny words after the victim types predifined characters or words (such as adding "boob" every time the victim types "my").
  • You can make it open NSFW or other embarassing/funny photos every ten minutes.

As you can see, once you get the program installed on your victim's computer, you can really do a lot of damage. Most companies probably aren't going to be too keen on you installing such an application, but if you think you can brave it and won't get into too much trouble, then you may just be able to pull off some incredibly funny office pranks.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Prank 33: Grassy Keyboard

It's been awhile since I've detailed an office prank for you all, so hopefully this will be the start of me getting back into doing it more often. Anyway, this prank has a bit of St. Patrick's Day flavor to it since you'll be adding a full blown green lawn to your coworker's keyboard.


  • Time (medium) - you won't be spending much time doing it, but the process takes a long time to complete.
  • Cost (low) - you'll just need some dirt, some grass seeds, and water so it doesn't cost too much.
  • Risk (low) - you will be ruining a keyboard so if your coworker's keyboard is nice you better buy a cheapo to ruin for the prank.


  1. The first thing you'll need to do is fill your coworker's keyboard with some soil. Youll want to rub the soil down into the keys and try to fill it up as much as possible.
  2. After the soil is in place, spread some bermuda turf builder grass onto the soil. You want to cover the soil with the grass mixture as much as possible.
  3. Spread some water over the soil and grass to get the whole thing fairly moist. You are trying to grow some grass so you don't want to drown it in water, but it should be fairly damp.
  4. Put a thin layer of soil on top of the grass and ad a little more water.
  5. Put the keyboard outside or at least near sunlight and water it a couple times a day.
  6. Once you're happy with the results, put the connect the keyboard to your coworker's computer.


After a couple weeks you should have some nice growth on the keyboard. If you've been good about keeping the whole operation a secret from your victim, you should be able to swap in the keyboard when they're not looking and give them quite a nice surprise.

If you want to see the prank in action, check out the following video (not made by me):

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentine's Day Office Pranks

Wednesday is Valentine's Day. While many think of the holiday as a time for lovey dovey gifts and sentiments, you can be out there taking advantage of them letting their guards down by pulling off some office pranks. Below is a list of pranks that are well suited for an office's Valentine's Day.

The Stalker
Valentine's Day is perfect for this prank. If you want to scare your coworker, use Valentine's Day as the day to start the stalker prank where you'll convince your victim that a stalker is obsessed with him/her.

The Shrine
This prank can be retrofit for Valentine's Day, thus having you turn their work area into a love obsessed shrine to something they hate or that's embarassing. To be even more cruel, you could make it a shrine to a coworker you know your victim has a crush on.

Not So Sweet Candy
Valentine's Day is all about the candy right? Well, take advantage of this by putting out some bad tasting candy for the entire office to try.

Getting Married
This prank has you posting up a photo of your victim on a website where people guess how long marriages will last. Find the funniest and most embarassing photo of your victim and put it up for the whole world to see.

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lemonade Stand Prank Video

While you don't see too many lemonade stands out there anymore, they do still exist. You do want to be careful if you decide to buy a glass though as the following prank video demonstrates.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Prank 32: Cardboard Cubicle Makeover

If you've got a lot of extra time and extra cardboard, this cardboard cubicle makeover may be just what you're looking for.


  • Time (high) - you'll be spending a lot of time cutting, folding, and attaching cardboard.
  • Cost (low) - you can pull this prank off with little to no money as all your expenses should be tape and cardboard.
  • Risk (low) - the only risk is that you'll be wasting a lot of time, so unless your office is very relaxed or you can do it after hours, you probably shouldn't try this prank.


  1. To make things easier on yourself, take a few pictures of how your coworker's cubicle is setup. The photos will be for reference later, so try and record exactly where everything is.
  2. Get a whole bunch of cardboard and start recreating everything your coworker has at their cubicle. This includes the computer, chair, pictures, and any plants they might have.
  3. If you want to go the extra mile, take the cardboard and turn the cubicle into an office by making cardboard walls that go to the ceiling along with a cardboard door.


The prank is similar to the tin foil prank in that you are basically converting your victim's normal workspace into something new using only one material. The main difference is that you aren't covering items with the cardboard, you are actually recreating them. So while you would cover the monitor, chair, and phone with foil before, here you will build new ones out of cardboard. The effect will likely have you and your coworkers laughing for weeks, also giving you all a great story to tell people.

If you want to see this prank in action (and where I found the idea), check out this website. In that prank, they do a really good job of building most of the cubicle out of cardboard. They leave a few things like papers and CDs, but overall it's pretty damn awesome. They have some great pictures showing off the result so you can get an idea of how it can be done.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Prank 31: Balloon Fun

If you're looking for a harmless prank with over-the-top results, hundreds of balloons may just be the answer.


  • Time (medium) - you'll need to fill lots of balloons, but that shouldn't take too much time if you have help and/or a pump.
  • Cost (medium) - you can get balloons for pretty cheap... as of writing this Amazon has a balloon back with 100 multi colored balloons for $17.19.
  • Risk (low) - there's very little risk with this prank. Nothing should get damaged and it's pretty easy to clean up.


  1. Fill up a bunch of balloons. They don't need to be helium filled, just use regular 'ol air.
  2. Stuff the balloons into your coworker's cubicle or office. It works best if you can do it to an office and not a cubicle, but cubicles will still work.
  3. Try and stuff balloons into drawers, closets, and anything else you can stuff a balloon into. You may need to make smaller balloons to fill the smaller areas.


Similar to the golf ball prank, you're coworker will open the door to a bit of chaos. If you're lucky enough to have an office to fill up, the results will be better as the coworker will actually have a door to open and room to walk into. If you filled up a cubicle, you're victim will likely see it from far away and it will be a slower build up of a reaction.

This prank is especially good for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions since balloons are popular with celebrations. I did some digging online and found a video of this prank in action. The victim didn't quite appreciate it, but hopefully your victim has more of a sense of humor. Anyway, check out this balloon prank video for inspiration.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Prank 30: Getting Married

In a previous post I mentioned Wedding Betting, a clever website that allows users to upload photos of themselves and their partner and have visitors guess how long the marriage will last. Well, with this prank you'll be putting your victim's picture up there and having some fun with it,


  • Time (low) - just get a digital photo of your victim and upload it to the site, it's really quick and easy.
  • Cost (none) - this prank won't cost you a thing.
  • Risk (low) - there's very little risk with this prank. The only risk is if your coworker gets overly upset at how you did the prank.


  1. Get the funniest digital photo of your victim that you can. The photo needs to include the victim and another person, animal, or object, depending on how far you want to go. For example, if you have a picture with your victim and an inflateable doll, that'd be great, though it may get pulled down from the site as it's an obvious joke. If you want your picture to have a chance of staying up on the site for awhile, put a picture up with another person. Some good ideas include having the other person be somebody the person has a secret crush on, somebody that's the same sex, or somebody the person really hates (like the boss).
  2. Upload the picture to the site Wedding Betting and fill out some backstory on the couple, making it as funny as possible.
  3. Send the link out to all your coworkers to have them see it and cast their votes.
  4. After everybody else has seen it, send the link to your victim.


This is one of those pranks that exploits the embarassment factor for its humor. When your victim visits the site and sees the photo up there they should freak out pretty good if you picked a good picture. Let them know your fellow coworkers have seen it and have voted on it for an added bonus.

You could also send the link to your victim in the same email that you send it to everybody else so that your victim will know right away who has seen the picture.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Prank 29: The Ransom

Does your coworker have a special mug, plant, or other desk object that you think should be kidnapped? If so, this prank is for you.


  • Time (low) - takes very little time to "kidnap" something from your coworker and create a ransom note for it.
  • Cost (none) - this prank won't cost you a thing.
  • Risk (low) - there's very little risk with this prank. As long as your coworker doesn't go completely berzerk when you take their favorite item, nobody should get hurt.


  1. Create a ransom note for your coworker's object. It's best to make it by cutting out the letters from magazines just like they do it in the movies. It will take more time to do it this way, but it'll be worth it. The first ransom note should just say that you've got their object and that a list of demands will follow. Do not include your name.
  2. Take a picture of the object then take it and leave the note on their desk or chair.
  3. Create another ransom note that will include the photo and a list of demands. Some fun demands include making them say "I'm a happy person" out loud three times, telling them to leave exactly 42 cents in pennies on the water cooler while counting them out loud, and to have them change their desktop wallpaper to a picture of the band Hansen.
  4. Once they've met the list of demands, put back the object where you got it and leave a final note that says something along the lines of "I've returned your precious [name of the object]. Don't let it happen again."


The great thing about this prank is that if your coworker really cherishes the thing you take, you should be able to get them to do some pretty hilarious stunts. I mentioned a few funny ones above, but you should be able to come up with many more fun hoops for your victim to jump through. Most of the demands should entail having your coworker do some form of public humilation, such as the "I'm a happy person" out loud gag.

Also, once the prank is done, the victim is left with a note telling them to "not let it happen again". This will make them think they actually did something to make you take the object. They'll struggle to try and figure out who they pissed off. They may even think they figured it out and actually go up to different people to apologize thinking it was them.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Prank 28: Golf Balls A Plenty

This is a fairly harmless prank that requires a bit of trickery involving a car, a bunch of golf balls, and perhaps some luck.


  • Time (medium) - you'll be filling up a car full of golf balls, which could definitely take some time.
  • Cost (medium) - you'll need to buy some golf balls. Did I say some? I meant a lot. I've included a link to the right to the cheapest and biggest pack I could find at Amazon.
  • Risk (low) - I'm tempted to make this a medium risk prank since it does deal with a bunch of golf balls that will spill out everywhere, but as long as you're good and clean it up you should be fine.


  1. Buy up a bunch of golf balls, you'll need a few hundred most likely. Follow the link top right to get some cheap 144 packs from Amazon.
  2. Somehow get your victim's car keys. Either snatch them without them noticing if they leave them on their desk or somewhere else in the open, or somehow ask them if you can borrow their car to go run an errand saying your car is in the shop for a few hours.
  3. Fill up as much of your victim's car as possible with golf balls. The best way is to try and fill up as much as you can, but try and make it so your victim won't notice it before opening the door.


If your victim doesn't notice that golf balls before opening the door, you'll have a hilarious scene as dozens of golf balls pour out onto the ground. If you want to see what this might look like, check out this funny video commercial that shows just that.

If your victim does notice the golf balls before opening the door, you should still get a good reaction. Also, you'll get to see how your victim deals with trying to open the door without having too many golf balls fall out.

Either way, you should have a fun prank that results in having a bunch of golf balls to take to the driving range to blow off some steam after work.

If you're looking for some golf related gifts (perhaps to smooth things over with the victim of this prank), check out these Golf Goodies.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Prank 27: Sorry About the Dent

This prank will require very little time and effort from you, but can definitely provide some good fun at the expense of a coworker. The prank does require your victim to have a car, since you'll be placing a fake sorry note on it.


  • Time (low) - only time needed is the time to write a note and to wait for the reaction.
  • Cost (none) - zero cost whatsoever.
  • Risk (low) - little to no risk on this one, as long as your victim doesn't go crazy and react badly to any nearby cars.


  1. Write a note that apologizes to your victim saying that you are sorry about the dent in the car and that your insurance will pay whatever expenses there may be. Don't sign it or put any identifiable information on it.
  2. Stick the note somewhere on the victim's car where they will see it (probably either on the windshield or the driver's side window).
  3. Wait some place where you'll be able to see the victim's reaction, but make sure you won't be seen. If you can, video tape or take photos of the reaction.


When your victim finds the note on their car, they should start searching around looking for the dent that's mentioned. They should look for quite awhile if you made your note believable. They may even find some mark on their car that was already there and think that the mark is what the note was talking about.

To make things even better, you can even come in the next day and confront your victim and say "Hey, I saw somebody dented your car, when did that happen?" It will really make the victim confused and upset.

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