Monday, December 26, 2005

Poem 3: Ode to the Clock

Ode to the Clock

I stare at her for hours.
She stares right back at me.
With her lies the power
To set my body free.

She moves so slow it hurts.
But moves so fast at noon.
It's with her hands she flirts.
Her face attracts the room.

She hangs just down the hall.
It's there she lets us know,
And tells us one and all
Just when it's time to go.

That's why I love and hate
The way she does decieve.
She always makes me wait
For when it's time to leave.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Poem 2: Life is a Cubicle

Life is a cubicle,
A maze of plastic walls.
We click and we type
And we answer phone calls.

Life is a cubicle,
Neon lights our suns.
We fill out reports
And dream of being done.

Life is a cubicle,
A fort we must defend.
We sit and we wait
For our faxes to send.

Life is a cubicle,
Wheeled chairs our steeds.
We draft and we print
Until our eyes bleed.

Life is a cubicle,
That much is true.
Life is a cubicle
For me and for you.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Poem 1: I Wanna

Yes, you read the title right... poem. I like to dabble in poetry so you will be seeing some poems up here once in awhile. I'll try to keep them all office humor related, so don't worry, you shouldn't see any love poems or suicidal poems or anything like that. Anyway, below is the first, and hopefully not last, poem for this blog.

I Wanna
I wanna be underworked
and over paid.
I wanna daily bonus
and stocks to trade.

I wanna start at ten
and leave at three.
I wanna four hour lunch
and I want it for free.

I wanna corner office
and an amazing view.
I wanna foosball table
and a couch that's new.

I wanna be my own boss
and a car I can flaunt.
I wanna have more.
That's all I want.

update: I've added a design featuring this poem to the office humor store, so check it out!