Friday, July 8, 2011

Employee Busted for Mail Order Bride Prank

Obviously I think office pranks are a good thing. They are a way to make work more fun while hopefully improving employee relationships. Of course, some pranks go too far which is what Houston Independent School District thinks is the case when a procurement manager solicited a mail-order bride for a co-worker.

There's more than just the mail-order bride prank that's got the employee in hot water, but it's weird that the employer would raise such a stink about it when it's really not all that bad of a prank. The employee also had a supervisor being an empty box to that same prank victim, making the victim think he was fired. I supposed if he kept pranking the same person over and over again it would definitely fall under harassment, which is why you need to make sure whoever you prank has a good sense of humor because malicious pranking is just not a bright idea in a work environment.

File that under mail order pink slip.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Casino Staff Forced to Wear Flea Collars

Some jobs require some really strange work attire. Maybe you need a hard hat because you're in construction, or rubber gloves and a face mask because you're a surgeon, or maybe you need to wear a flea collar on your ankle because you work at a casino.

While I've never heard of a flea infestation at a casino, I guess it makes sense considering how many people come in and out of one of those places. I've definitely noticed quite a few people in a casino not caring much about their hygiene so perhaps they should hand out flea collars at the door.

File that under working at a casino bites.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fake Doctor on the Run After Toothpick Acupuncture

When going to a clinic you found via an ad in a newspaper, you should watch out for tell-tale signs of whether or not you're actually in a real doctor's office.

For instance, if there isn't anybody else there except you and the "doctor" - that's probably not a good sign. If the doctor uses toothpicks to prod at your chest - that's also not a good sign. And finally, if the doctor gives you expired pills to take - you should realize that this person is clearly not a doctor.

File that under don't 'pick' the wrong doctor.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Employee Fakes Wife's Death for Money

If you're going to try and take money from your company by convincing your boss that your wife was ill with cancer and that she eventually died, you may want to fill your wife in on your master plan.

It would be great to listen in on this guys next interview for whatever job he applies for when they ask him if he had ever been arrested and for what. "I... uh... was arrested for stealing money from my old employer by telling them my wife died of cancer." Definitely not the best career move. His only chance is to hope they either don't ask that question or at least don't ask for details. Of course, he doesn't seem the brightest of individuals, so his job opportunities were likely already pretty slim.

File that under wife always messing up my plans!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Employee Assaulted After Trying to Stop Unsanitized Food Sampling

The best response to a grocery store employee's concerns about your lack of sampling etiquette is probably not to grab them, apply pressure to their shoulders, and then shake them.

So the employee confronted the man because he was using his hands to sample food? At my grocery store that's pretty much all you can use. I guess at the produce section they have some pretzels that you can use to poke the pieces of fruit you want to try, but every where else is pretty much finger food. With that said, I'd like to think I wouldn't go nuts and attack any employees that came up to me to tell me otherwise. Of course, I guess I'll never know unless I'm put in that situation.

File that under don't take the last donut sample!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Teacher Gets Naked After Being Fired

There are good ways to react when being fired and then there are bad ways. Stripping down naked is never a good reaction to being let go. Doing so when you're a teacher at an elementary school is probably much worse.

Luckily the teacher got naked after the kids went home, though I'm sure all the kids already know about it. Of course, stripping is at least a non violent way to react when we keep hearing about shootings and such.

File that under sex ed.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Blog Busts Belly Dancer

Pretending to be too disabled to work is nothing new. People have been doing it probably for as long as there has been work to do. Of course, usually you'd try and keep your lies a secret rather than posting evidence on a blog that you've been scamming your ex husband out of alimony.

Some of the quotes from the woman's testimony definitely point to her missing a few marbles. When you post online that "belly dancing is the reason why [you] adore [yourself] so much," then I'm going to go ahead and say you've got more issues to deal with than just alimony payments.

File that under belly dancing versus free money

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Web Coders Wanted: Nude

Last week I posted a link to survey results showing some pretty oddball questions some people have to go through during the interview process. This week I bring you news of a company looking for web coders that has one very unique request - nudity required.

The link above goes to the video report detailing how the company is requiring all employees (and all potential employees during the interview process) to leave their clothes at home. The owner claims the desire to create a nudist supportive environment, though you always have to wonder if something more sinister is at work when nudity is involved.

I say good for him if it's actually non sexual in nature and purely for comfort and principals. Of course, you'd have to think potential sexual harassment issues would be enough of a deterrent to attempt such an office policy.

File that under bloggin' in the nude.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Borders Sign Directs Customers to Amazon for Restrooms

In case you hadn't heard, Borders recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February. As such, many stores having been slowly closing down. An employee at once such store decided to post a sign telling customers there are no restrooms and to try Amazon instead.

It's definitely a funny sign even if it does seem motivated by a little bitterness. Many thought Amazon would be the death of brick-and-mortar book stores and it has been for quite a few. It's definitely a little sad to see such a big chain like Borders go bye bye, but then again, they were the death of a lot of smaller book stores when they first came around so maybe it's a little karma going on.

File that under the internet strikes again.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Hour During Work?

So apparently more and more companies are bringing out the booze during regular work hours. Sure, it's mostly Silicon Valley startups that are doing it right now, but hey, you can always dream of the alcohol policies coming to an office near you.

A few of the examples given were relating stories of when alcohol was given out in celebration during the day, which isn't really all that weird. The example where company Yelp constantly provides a never-ending supply of beer to employees is a bit more extreme. I do like how you have to swipe your badge to drink and that it records every ounce you have. Guess it's a different way of finding out who the alcoholics are.

File that under call me when there's a never-ending supply of Mountain Dew.