What is this site?
I personally hate using the term "blog" since that word used to refer to sites that were mostly personal in nature (basically an online journal). Clearly this site isn't my own little diary. However, most "blogs" out there today aren't personal at all. I guess the term is more about the "style" of the content and how it's published rather than what the content is about.

With that, this site presents the information through posts which are time stamped and presented for the world to see (similar to a journal entry). Likewise, the information presented is usually written in a way that personalizes the presentation (also like a journal entry) even if the content isn't personal at all. By that I mean the posts are usually written in the first person and I generally put personal touches and comments on everything written rather than presenting it all plain and dry like a true news source.

Like I said, most of the content isn't from a personal source, but rather from random things around the internet such as fun downloads, links, and news that are found on other sites. However, there are a lot of personal features such as funny poems I write. Most of the diversions and pranks are from personal experience as well.

Where is the site going?
I'll be honest that I don't have any real hard set plans for this site. I do have a few fun ideas that I want to try and pull off, but I'll keep those under wraps for now. I will say that a few planned features include polls, contests, and maybe even a game or two. You'll just have to stick around to find out where it's going.

Why was the site created?
There's two main reasons why I created this site; the first being for fun. This is the more important element because I already have a full time job, if I do something on the side I want it to be fun. I always enjoy creating things, whether its websites, poems, music, or just a doodle on a piece of paper. With this site having a blog format I'm able to create new posts every day. I know I personally get bored at work at times and like to surf the web looking for something funny to break up the monotony. I figure the format I have going is a good way to give people something to read once in awhile at work to help their day go by just a little bit quicker.

The second reason is a bit more selfish... money. I'm not going to lie and say I don't want to make any money off of this site. I will say that I don't expect more than a few dollars from it each month (I think last month I made maybe 2 or 3 bucks). I definitely don't plan on this being a real source of income, enough to quit my day job. You've probably noticed that there are ads scattered throughout the site, well that's how I make the money. Some pay by clicks, others pay if people buy a product. I try to make all the ads relevant and put up the kinds of products I enjoy or at least would enjoy if I wasn't such a cheap bastard.

With that being said, know that I don't tailor anything towards any retailers or merchants, no reviews or comments are bought. If I post a list of items for gift ideas, it's because I honestly think they would make good gifts, not because I may get a bit of money out of them. Like I said before, fun is the bigger part of this whole thing and if I wasn't being honest about it all, it wouldn't be nearly as fun.

When is this long drawn out about page going to end?