Friday, July 8, 2011

Employee Busted for Mail Order Bride Prank

Obviously I think office pranks are a good thing. They are a way to make work more fun while hopefully improving employee relationships. Of course, some pranks go too far which is what Houston Independent School District thinks is the case when a procurement manager solicited a mail-order bride for a co-worker.

There's more than just the mail-order bride prank that's got the employee in hot water, but it's weird that the employer would raise such a stink about it when it's really not all that bad of a prank. The employee also had a supervisor being an empty box to that same prank victim, making the victim think he was fired. I supposed if he kept pranking the same person over and over again it would definitely fall under harassment, which is why you need to make sure whoever you prank has a good sense of humor because malicious pranking is just not a bright idea in a work environment.

File that under mail order pink slip.


  1. Raj Said:

    Yea, I'd say that's a bit harsh on the employer's side.

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