Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Casino Staff Forced to Wear Flea Collars

Some jobs require some really strange work attire. Maybe you need a hard hat because you're in construction, or rubber gloves and a face mask because you're a surgeon, or maybe you need to wear a flea collar on your ankle because you work at a casino.

While I've never heard of a flea infestation at a casino, I guess it makes sense considering how many people come in and out of one of those places. I've definitely noticed quite a few people in a casino not caring much about their hygiene so perhaps they should hand out flea collars at the door.

File that under working at a casino bites.


  1. simon Said:

    Haha, that's the problem, there looking after their employees with flea collars, but were are the flea collars for the customers. Surely they have it wrong way around! :)

  2. Ambrose Mugwump Said:

    Must be a dog of a job.

  3. repelisplus apkxyz Said:

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