Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fake Doctor on the Run After Toothpick Acupuncture

When going to a clinic you found via an ad in a newspaper, you should watch out for tell-tale signs of whether or not you're actually in a real doctor's office.

For instance, if there isn't anybody else there except you and the "doctor" - that's probably not a good sign. If the doctor uses toothpicks to prod at your chest - that's also not a good sign. And finally, if the doctor gives you expired pills to take - you should realize that this person is clearly not a doctor.

File that under don't 'pick' the wrong doctor.


  1. Superman Said:

    If he's smells of alcohol he isn't real doctor...Or maybe..

  2. Ambrose Mugwump Said:

    Or maybe its just Nick Riviera.

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