Monday, May 16, 2011

Employee Fakes Wife's Death for Money

If you're going to try and take money from your company by convincing your boss that your wife was ill with cancer and that she eventually died, you may want to fill your wife in on your master plan.

It would be great to listen in on this guys next interview for whatever job he applies for when they ask him if he had ever been arrested and for what. "I... uh... was arrested for stealing money from my old employer by telling them my wife died of cancer." Definitely not the best career move. His only chance is to hope they either don't ask that question or at least don't ask for details. Of course, he doesn't seem the brightest of individuals, so his job opportunities were likely already pretty slim.

File that under wife always messing up my plans!


  1. milf Said:

    i love all these ideas that retards have to make money! haha i guess all these people at least are trying to get some extra paper. shame for them that they are so silly! :) good one dude.

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