Monday, November 1, 2010

Office Humor Deal Watch 2010

Office Humor Deal Watch

November is here and that means retailers are starting to prepare themselves for the shopping season. The closer we get to Black Friday/Cyber Monday, the more we'll see some great deals posted to try and grab some early sales before the big after Thanksgiving shopping rush hits. As such, I'm going to be posting the latest and greatest deals for funny office related products under the banner Office Humor Deal Watch 2010. For now, I'd like to post some links to some great sites that I use to stay up-to-date on black friday sales.

  • - This is my go-to website for the latest information on Black Friday sales. They post ad scans of most major retailers many weeks in advance so that you can best plan out your Black Friday shopping.

  • - Similar to, posts holiday sales weeks in advance.

  • - Yet another Black Friday dedicated website. Between the three I've posted, you should have no problem finding sales for whatever major retailer you're interested in.
  • Amazon Gold Box - Amazon is doing a countdown to Black Friday every Friday until November 19. Basically they are posting even bigger sales each Friday than they normally do leading up to Black Friday.


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