Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bartender Stores Cash in Hot Oven

If your boss asks you to put £1,000 in a safe place, where would you put it? Maybe an onsite safe? A tucked away drawer? Perhaps just hiding it in a closet somewhere in a box temporarily? Well, bartender Luke Woolston decided an oven would be a great place to hide some cash. Unfortunately, that oven was still on and the money burned up.

I actually like how the boss didn't make too big a deal about it considering the employee had worked there for a couple years without any problems. Of course, I'm sure the bartender wasn't let off the hook without at least some sort of screaming.

File that under burn baby burn.


  1. Walter Said:

    I suppose that cash would be burning a hole in his pocket. He has money to burn. I can seriously make bad jokes all day.

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