Monday, December 8, 2008

10 Most Useless College Degrees and Classes

The worth of any college degree is obviously quite debatable, but this list of the 10 most useless college degrees and classes seems pretty spot on.

Some of my favorites from the list include Parapsychology (the study of the paranormal), doctorate of philosophy in Ufology (the study of UFOs), and Star Trek (luckily just a class and not an actual degree). Okay, so perhaps I've offended a few paranormal and UFO believers out there, but realize I'm not necessarily saying they don't exist, just that degrees dedicated to them are quite rediculous. Your degrees are generally supposed to help you find a career in a related field, but I just don't see too many job postings looking for graduates who have studied ghosts and UFOs.

File that under majoring in wasting time with stupid majors.

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  1. Funny Stuff Said:

    Most of those degrees aren't offered anywhere besides a couple universities, so I wouldn't really include them on a list unless they were more mainstream. Art History and philosophy are pointless though. I would also include Dance and Musical Therapy too.

  2. Beth Said:

    I gotta agree with the Philosophy & Sociology one. Me and this other girl I work with both have Bachelor's in Sociology and we're both miserable secretaries.

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