Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Machine of Vending Poem

Machine of Vending

With salty sweets
And chewy treats
It's a buffet inside a box.

Gum and chips,
And licorice whips,
It's food around the clock.

When hunger hits
It never quits,
So bring with you some change.

The machine of vending
Waits defending,
Ready to exchange.

Pennies, dimes -
They're all fine.
No coin will be denied.

You won't find pickles,
But for a few nickles,
You can score a treat inside.

Thirsty too?
Well lucky you.
A new shipment is in today.

Various cans
From all the brands -
So many on display.

But like all things,
The fat lady sings,
Your break comes to an end.

So grab your snacks
And all juice packs.
Goodbye mechanical friend.


  1. Rusky Said:

    I love it!

  2. Jason Mosley Said:

    If we add some music to this, I feel you would have a hit on your hands.

  3. MM Said:

    Lol, great poem you just need a verse for when the machine gets stuck and you lose your money and your snack (although saying that I got my first freebie from a vending machine the other day).

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