Monday, August 27, 2007

Prank 36: Walled In

Alright ladies and gentlemen... for those of you with an incredibly relaxed office whose managers and coworkers all have a great sense of humor, the following office prank may be the perfect thing for a Monday morning. Let me stress that this prank should only be attempted if you know that you won't get in trouble - meaning you had better get approval by some higher ups first.


  • Time (medium) - you're going to be building a wall, or at least highering somebody to build a wall, this takes time.
  • Cost (high) - to make a really convincing wall, you're going to want to get the right materials and probably higher somebody who knows what they're doing.
  • Risk (high) - as I mentioned earlier, you had better get some approval beforehand because you'll not only be wasting many people's time, you'll also be modifying the layout of your office temorarily.


  1. Choose a hallway or office you want to block off with a wall.
  2. Hire somebody who knows what they are doing (or pick up a "Walling Up an Office Hallway for Dummies" book) and get a new wall built.
  3. Put plants, paintings, drinking fountains, and any other objects you can think of around the new wall to make it look more permanent.


For the best results, you should definitely wall up a hallway that is the route to multiple offices, as you'll be able to get the reaction of many more victims. If you're looking for a less distracting and perhaps easier prank, you could just wall up an existing office by turning a door into a fake wall. Hopefully you'll get some great reactions as your victims first wonder if they've made a wrong turn, then try to figure out if they've been moved and/or even fired.

Below is the video inspiration for this post that will hopefully give you a better idea of what you can pull off.

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