Thursday, June 7, 2007

Telemarketer Love Poem

The first time I heard your voice
I knew you were the one.
My heart was set, I had no choice,
For Cupid’s work was done.

I don’t know how you found me
Or how you got my name.
You could never say it correctly,
Which was really quite a shame.

I may never accept the fact
That you’re on the phone all day.
I just wish you had a bit more tact
When you forced on me that survey.

I may have never met you,
But that’s okay with me.
I do know that my love is true
Even though you disagree.

So every time my phone rings
My heart will skip a beat.
Who’s to say what each day brings
Or if we’ll ever meet.

Now I really must admit,
As sad as it may sound,
My love for you won’t ever quit
Until I’m in the ground.


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