Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Prank 35: Clap On

Remember the good 'ol days of the Clapper? Ahh... such memories. While those wondefully cheesy commercials may be a thing of the past, you can do your part in bringing back the Clapper revolution by using on in your next office prank.


  • Time (low) - it takes very little time to install the clapper.
  • Cost (medium) - you can pick up the Clapper fairly cheap from Amazon here and that's actually a fairly fancy version.
  • Risk (low) - as long as yu don't install the Clapper on something critical, the risk here is fairly low.


  1. Install the Clapper on a coworker's office device (montior, speakers, light, etc.).
  2. Wait for clapping noises.


This prank is really a very straightforward prank. The success of the prank hinges on how you setup the Clapper. If your coworker listens to music a lot, obviously the speakers are a great target and the monitor is a pretty safe target regardless of your coworker's daily routine. You could risk putting it on the computer itself (or even a power strip that controls many appliances), but you could potentially ruin your coworker's work so I'd recommend against that.

Another thing to take into consideration is the noise level of your office. You'll want to test the noise activation settings before setting it all up since the best effect comes when the victim's appliances shut up sporadically and not constantly. You may even want to try using a couple different Clappers with different settings on different electronics so that they go off and on at different times.

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