Wednesday, May 9, 2007

5 Reasons to Prank a Coworker

Inspired by the latest ProBlogger writing project, I've come up with a list of the 5 best reasons to prank a coworker. If you've been wanting a reason to pull off one of the many great office pranks listed here, the following list should be just what you need.

5. They're a Jerk and Deserve it
Let's face it, sometimes a coworker is just begging to be pranked. Maybe they're a thorn in your side, always annoying you at work and making your office life difficult. Give that mean coworker a good pranking and you'll feel all better... for awhile at least.

4. They're Cool and Deserve it
Perhaps you've got a coworker who's cool, but who's just way too stressed out and you'd like to try and lighten things up a bit for them. Sometimes all a person needs is a good prank to get them motivated again. It can help people break out of whatever rut they're in and can get the creative juices flowing. If the prank is done with good intentions, your coworker may just thank you for it.

3. They're Your Boss
Pranking your boss once a year should be an office mandate. Your boss gets to reign over you five days a week every week. Pranking your boss let's you get that one sweet moment of dominance over them that you'll likely never have otherwise. Most bosses will welcome the act as it makes them feel just like "one of the guy" (or girls). Of course, be wary of those bosses with sticks shoved firmly up their butts, because they may not be so thrilled with your prank.

2. Prank Revenge
Perhaps one of the most common reasons to prank a coworker is because you were already pranked by them. Prank revenge is a great reason to prank somebody since you're really starting a prank war that can envelope the entire office and escalate in hilarity and fun. Be careful not to take things too far though, since it's easy to go overboard during a prank war.

1. You're Bored
Let's face it, the best reason to do a prank is because you're bored. Sure, you should care about who you're pranking and why they may deserve it, but in reality, you're best reason is to break up your own monotonous work.

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  1. Mjuboy Said:

    Amazing list, very very true!

  2. Harry L Said:

    Another reason to prank a co worker is because he steals food. This is easily remedied with a generous helping of habanero concentrate.

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