Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Prank 34: Replaced

Want to really be cruel? How about getting your vict... I mean coworker to think that their job is on the market?


  • Time (low) - all you're going to need to do is write a job ad - shouldn't take you much time.
  • Cost (low) - you can go the cheap route and put the job ad up on all free sites or you could pay some money and put it up on a big job site.
  • Risk (low) - there's really not a big risk for you except for maybe falsely advertising a job that doesn't exist (which is cruel for the people that'll call as you are wasting their time).


  1. Fill out an ad for the job your coworker does. Put their phone number and email as the contact info and make sure to put in some interesting job requirements.
  2. Put the ad up on your favorite job listing sites. Some cost money (CareerBuilder.com, Monster.com), others are cheap or free(CraigsList).


Depending on what you put on your ad, you'll get different results. If you went the obvious and easy route, like putting down a high amount of pay with low requirements, your victim should get a lot of phone calls and emails, which will either scare him a bit that his job might actually be open, or just give him a good laugh as he realizes what you did.

However, you could also go a more creative route by putting down some interesting requirements. Perhaps the applicants all must speak a certain language that isn't English, or must all send in essays on why most people (like your victim) don't do their job well. You could really have some fun with it, but do keep in mind that you are going ot be wasting the time of some actuall job applicants, so only do so if you're truly cruel and have no heart :)

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