Thursday, August 3, 2006

Pretending to Work Poem

Pretending to Work

The art of pretending is tricky indeed.
It takes planning, luck, and lots of speed.
Your boss comes by so you pick up the phone,
You talk to yourself in a professional tone.
A quick click required to change the screen,
So games and emails remain unseen.

If you must nap you do it with style,
With hands on keyboard all the while.
You train yourself to wake when needed
And if nobody notices, you know you've succeeded.
But if you're caught you've got excuses to spare
You were on break, or thinking, or adjusting your chair.

Work is boring, that much we can agree
And pretending to work may just set you free.
So pretend to work if you think that you can,
But make sure you've got yourself a backup plan.
Always be ready to B.S. your way out,
Because that's what pretending is all about.

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