Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Poem 9 - Company Memo 2 (Downsizing)

It's that time, that time of year.
So don't freak out, as downsizing draws near.
And though that word is the cause of much fear,
Let us explain why there's reason to cheer.

Profits are low while costs are high.
Which means we must see where our bottlenecks lie.
Workers not working is usually why
We must bid them adieu, so long, and goodbye.

The odds you'll be axed are three to one,
With a chance you'll be here when we're all done.
And though it seems like we're having fun,
Rest assured that we're having none.

So once we're done and if you're still here,
You can jump on your chair and shout and cheer.
With less fat around the future is clear,
And you'll have nothing to worry about until next year.


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