Thursday, June 15, 2006

Poem 8 - Company Memo (Overtime)

Why work eight hours with twenty four in a day?
Why go home at five when you'd get more done if you stay?
Sure breaks would be good and lunch would be great,
And a nap would be nice but it's better to work late.

If you leave much later, the roads will be clear.
And coming in early can only help your career.
Alone in the office, you can concentrate.
You can focus on work, now isn't that great?

It might sound like a lot, working all night,
But with extra hours you can get things done right.
The overtime will help you through your tasks.
Just a little extra time, that's all we ask.

If you have second thoughts just think of the team
And how you're part of this company's dream.
If you think it's too much, or that it's not fair,
Just remember that it's a rough world out there.


  1. Jen Said:

    YEY!!! Another poem, it's great :) :)

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