Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Prank 22: Not So Sweet Candy

A lot of offices have a community candy stash. This prank will take advantage of this generous public offering by adding some "special" candy of your own.


  • Time (low) - it should take very little time to add some funky flavored candy.
  • Cost (medium) - you will need to buy some bad candy, most likely some Bertie Bott's Candy and depending on how much you buy it can cost a bit.
  • Risk (low) - since you aren't poisoning anybody, just giving them some bad tasting candy, you shouldn't be at risk (unless somebody is somehow allergic to something in the new candy).


  1. As mentioned above, you'll need to buy some bad tasting candy, you best bet is Bertie Bott's Candy.
  2. If there is a community jelly bean jar, you are lucky since you can mix in some bad jely beans and wait for the reactions. If there isn't, you can just add your own bowl of candy near all the other candy and see what happens.


If you are lucky enough to have a jelly bean jar in your office, your new jelly beans should have quite the effect on the office. You should get coworkers that start talking about how bad some of the jelly beans are while others say it's perfectly fine.

If you don't have a community candy area, you can just take the very simple route of just offering a coworker some candy and watch them squirm as they eat a dirt or rotten egg flavored jelly bean.

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  1. Brian Said:

    I reviewed the gross Bertie Bott's here: http://candyaddict.com/blog/2005/11/26/review-bertie-botts-every-flavor-beans-just-the-gross-ones/ I agree - they would be GREAT! to prank someone with! Brian

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