Saturday, November 12, 2005

Prank 12: Bugged

The concept for the following prank was submitted by Deborah and Byron. I've modified it to fit the layout and presentation of previous pranks. The basic concept of this prank is to stick a plastic bug somewhere on your coworker's work station to scare them. It's pretty simple but can yield some fantastic results.


  • Time (low) - can't take too long sticking a bug to something.
  • Cost (low) - you can find bags of plastic bugs for very cheap at your local stores.
  • Risk (low) - you do have the risk of scaring your coworker a bit too much, but it should be harmless fun most of the time.


  1. Buy a plastic bug. You can find these at toy stores, grocery stores in the toys sections, and stores like Target and Walmart.
  2. Find a good place to stick the bug. Deborah and Byron suggest placing it on the handle of a drawer or on the mouse, which are definately some great places. Depending on where you want to stick it you may need to tape it on, which shouldn't be too difficult.
  3. Wait for your coworker to notice the bug and watch their reaction.


The key is to get your coworker startled by the bug, so you'll want them to not notice it from far away. It's best if they just put their hand on it without seeing it, then quickly look down and freak out. If they see it from far away they may move to it slowly and notice that it's fake, so placing it on handles or inside objects (like drawers or jars) can be more effective. You don't have to do plastic bugs, if you can find the squishy bugs they can work better sometimes.

Thanks again to Deborah and Byron for the submission.


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