Sunday, October 9, 2005

Prank 4: Foiled

Prank number four is one of the best pranks out there in my opinion, foiling your coworker's cubicle/office/desk.


  • Time (high) - depends on how much you are going to cover in foil. An average cubicle where you are doing a thorough job foiling everything will take at least a couple days.
  • Cost (low) - once again it depends on how much you are going to foil. Usually you only need around 500 square feet of foil which could run you about $10-$15.
  • Risk (medium) - nothing should get damaged if you do it right, however, it does take a long time and you will be basically "vandalizing" an entire work area. Only do this one if your coworker is out for a few days and if you get approval from your office beforehand.


  1. Buy some aluminum foil.
  2. Wrap everything at your coworker's work area with the foil. By "everything", I really do mean everything. The key to this one is to spend the time and make it look good. Wrap the chair, the cubicle walls, each individual penny, the drawers, the floor, the phone... EVERYTHING. Also, it is pretty fun to make it so everything still works, so leave the monitor screen clear but wrap the edges, wrap the phone but poke holes for the sound to get through, etc. By having everything still work, you can try and see if your coworker will be lazy enough to try and use things while they are still foiled. I did this prank with some friends at work and the guy we did it to worked with the foil on everything for three or four days.
  3. Take pictures.


If you did this correctly, EVERYTHING should be wrapped and covered with aluminum foil. Make sure to take a lot of pictures, you'll want to show this one off to others. People from around your office should be stopping by to comment on how awesome it looks and you should have a confused coworker sitting in an aluminum chair talking on an aluminum phone while typing on an aluminum keyboard. To see an example of how it looks after, check out what these people did here . I am not affilated with that site at all, I just saw their posted picture and feel it's a good example to show you what you should aim for. Enjoy.


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